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About Me

My Background


 I grew up in Scarborough Ontario and attended the local public schools. After graduating with Honours I am currently attending York University for Cinema and Media Arts Honors with a minor in Anthropology. For all of my life, I have been making video shorts with the people I have available to me. After university, I plan on working more in the film industry while attending another film-related program.  

My Hobbies


 Between school and work, I have very little free time but when I do, I like to enjoy life with family or friends. I also like to film skits, play video games, and do nature photography.   Other things include yoga, working out, play with my cat, browsing social media, and rearranging my room.  

My Favorite Things


 I love learning and studying new topics. I love empowering others and to see the world running happily. But I am a realist and know that the world is not that great. When I can I try to volunteer and donate to the less fortunate. I also try to find ways to make the world a better place such as much as possible. 

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