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About Me

My Background

My Name is Emily Hart. I grew up in Toronto Ontario, in the quiet suburbs of the city. I have always had a passion for media: film, television, online videos, social media, commercials, advertisements, photography, name it and I'm into it. I am currently a full time student at York University, majoring in Cinema and Media Studies, with a minor in Anthropology. After this stage of my life, I plan to go to college for more hands on work in film production. I am very motivated, upbeat type of person, and work very well in team settings. I hope to further broaden my knowledge and skills through every means necessary. 


I am a very family oriented person, but when I am not with my family or close friends I enjoy an assortment of activities. I like swimming, sewing, a lot of different arts and crafts activities actually, shopping (guilty), gaming, and browsing the internet like you are doing right now.  I also like to work on short scripts and play around with novel topics and plot lines in my head. 

What I Find Beautiful

Two things that I find beautiful in this world are as fallows: the honesty of innocence, and nature. 

Nature all in its self is gorgeous, there are so many different and similar things and no matter where you turn to in the natural world there is always something unique. From a simple rain forest full of beautiful delicate creatures and plants to the deserts where you have to look a little deeper for the animals that live in the sands. Looking up in the sky and you can see a wide array of colours. Sun sets are the best and most violent example, but thunderstorms or grey skys have their own variations.